MOSS Backup, Recovery, Import, Export Operations

I made a this spreadsheet that composes the stsadm.exe commands for backup, recovery, import, export commands.

And working throug this task, I've figured out a couple of curious things.

When you import a site that had previously been exported, it looks like you lose modifications to the "Current View" on web part pages.  These are the ones that you make in the web part itself where you're not selecting a view shown in the list settings but changing the view in the web part itself.

This is one reason to be sure your list web parts are attached to views that actually exist.  On the other hand, the summary view, which is good for link lists becasue it minimizes the list's footprint on screen and gives you the cute little bullet, cannot be filtered any other way.

For example, I've got a link list with a link type column that chooses either internal or external  And on my web part pages, I just want to show the internal ones so I filter on link type.  But, since you can't create a summary view in the lists's settings that's filtered, you have to filter it inside the web part itself.  When you export the site and then import it, that filter setting is lost.


The other thing is the backup operation for a multi-server farm where the database server is different from the web server.  Since the backup files will have to be written to one or the other, it's a good idea to not use "Local System" to run your database.  If that was a domain account, you'll have an easier time of establishing the correct permissions for the target location for your backup files.




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