Importing SharePoint Sites

We've had a few reps through the export routine and we can stuff a site into an export file pretty easy with the stsadm.exe program and a command like this:

stsadm.exe -o export -url http://MySharePointHost/MySite -filename \MySharePointHostexportsExportFile.exp

But, on a MOSS server, when I try to import the site to a new URL, I use this command:

stsadm.exe -o import -url http://MySharePointHost/MyOtherSite -filename \MySharePointHostexportsExportFile.exp

And I get this error:

The site http://MySharePointHost/MyOtherSite could not be found in the Web application
SPWebApplication Name=MyWebApplication Parent=SPWebService

So I'm wondering ,huh?  And so I create a web site at the URL I'm using but I use a different template so I can tell the difference and try again getting this error:

Cannot import site.  The exported site is based on the template MySiteTemplate but the destination site is based on the template MyOtherSiteTemplate.  You can import sites only into sites that are based on the same templaqte as the exported site.

I rework my import command one more time to use a URL under my /SiteDirectory/ folder of my portal like this:

stsadm.exe -o import -url http://MySharePointHost/SiteDirectory/MyOtherSite -filename \MySharePointHostexportsExportFile.exp

And this time it works.  It seems odd but I guess SharePoint has better control over that SiteDirectory folder.





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