The Help Popup

So we did the blank page a few posts ago.

Now, try this: 

In a site called MySite, create a doc library called BlankDocs.  Create a web part page called MyBlankPage.aspx and put it in that library.  Put the CEWP that I decribe HERE on the MyBlankPage.aspx.

Now put this code in a Content Editor Web Part on MySite‘s default.aspx page:

<script type=”text/java*script” language=”Javas*cript” >
function LocalHelp(strHelpURL)

  var wndHelp =, “STSHELP”, “width=425,height=600,menubar=’false’,scrollbars,toolbar=’false’,resizable”);


<A onclick=”LocalHelp(‘/MySite/BlankDocs/MyBlankDoc.aspx’)” href=”java*script:” mce_href=”java*script”  ;>)”>
<IMG src=”/_layouts/images/helpicon.gif” BORDER=0>

Again, take the “*” characters out of the word “java*script.”  I only do that to keep my blog host from getting nervous.

Tell me what you think.




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