Installing Visual Studio on Win7x64 VM w\SharePoint

Using the VMWare Player console, we were able to get SharePoint Foundation running on a Windows 7 x64 VM. So let’s add VisualStudio and get our development environment running.

I insert the VS 2010 Ultimate Edition DVD they gave away at the Launch Event last week. It autoruns and I click Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. There’s a wizard welcome screen. The license agreement page warns to exit all applications and tells me I’m going to need about 8Gb hard drive space. I was listening to Pandora so I quit that, click Accept and Next. I select a Full install.

The wizard runs through about two dozen components including .Net 4, Microsoft F# Runtime, the Silverlight SDK, SharePoint developer tools and a bunch of SQL Server stuff.

After the .Net 4 install, it wants to reboot. It configures on the way down and more setup on the way up. Then the wizard resumes where it left off.

The 11th item in the list is actually called Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. Once the little blue arrow gets to this guy, the green status bar at the bottom seems to stop. Yeah, this might take a few minutes, I suppose but this seems to be turning into trouble.

But no, after about 12 minutes, the green bar starts to move and we start getting directories and files listed at the bottom.

The last item is Visual Studio Help 1.0 x64 and it takes about a tenth of a second and Success.  The wizard suggests updates, Visual Studio Gallery tools and the Help Library Manager.

Since this is a 90 day trial on a 90 day OS, I’m going to pass on updates. The gallery is a user populated set of development tools I may look at later; if any of you have any favorites, I’d be glad to take a look. And, Help Schmelp, I’m clicking Finish.

I get one last look at the wizard that asks me do I want to Change or Remove VS2010 or check for serivce releases. I click Exit.

I click the start bubble and select Programs | VS 2010. The default environment settings selector comes up and I select Visual C# Development Settings and click Start Visual Studio.

Now if this is anything like the Lauch Event last week, we’re only about five clicks away from deploying our first web part.

That will follow later.




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