SharePoint 2010: Blank Web Part Pages

You guys that know me, know I like my screens as blank as possible sometimes and, earlier,  here, we built a content editor web part that made everything disappear except a Toggle Edit link that let you get to the web part controls.

Well, in SPF 2010, this is all blown up. No sweat, though, because it’s easy enough to open the site in SharePoint Deisgner and create a new .aspx page and drop a web part zone on it.

But you’ll still want to be able to edit the page in the browser so the new JavaScript link for edit is:

<a href=javascript:ChangeLayoutMode(false);

I have not figured out how to toggle out of edit. I also have not figured out how to get the typical sharepoint styling on the page.

Sounds like an update might be in the offing.




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