New Things at SharePoint from Scratch

I hate when bloggers talk about “haven’t been blogging” and “I’ve got to put more time in this” and on and on…

So briefly, I blog so I can remember how to do stuff. Everything I’ve blogged is there so I can go back and use it the next time I need to do something slimilar. If anyone else finds any of it interesting, great.

Since I last blogged, I left the sorriest company I’ve ever worked for and found a new opportunity that has been truly captivatating. The reason for the lack of blog posts is that I’ve been so busy doing stuff I know how to do but none of it was new so I didn’t need to create any blog entries to track any notes; nothing new to help us get going the way we like it, from scratch.

Things change.

I’ve got something new to work on and some blog posts will be coming, probably today.

But, in addition, we’ve heard the first alarms about SharePoint 2013 and Office 15.  With that in mind, your favorite robot has captured the domain name and pointed it here. we’ve also got the @15Hive Twitter name and we’ve followed some of the SharePoint community’s brightest Twitterers. Finally, and this is cool, we’ve set up an aggregator at so if you’re stoked about SharePoint 2013 and you want to be spoonfed, subscribe here.

So, enough navel gazing, let’s build something from scratch.




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