Building VMs in System Center 2012 – Virtual Machine Manger

So, with VMM installed, we have to do something with it, I guess. In this case, we’ve got a set of seven Cisco B200 blade servers, each with 16 Gb RAM and then we have a NetApp storage device with 24Tb.

We decided to break the servers into two groups. The first four, lets call this “Group A” will be proivisioned with 80Gb hard drive space from the SAN and will be presented to VMM as “Bare-Metal” servers. VMM will then support the OS and Hyper-V on each and then we’ll grab hard drive space as needed for VMs.

The last three, we’ll call “Group B” will have Windows Server installed inside the Cisco UCS Manager. Each will be provisioned with an 80Gb C:\ drive and a 300 Gb D:\ drive.

First, we’re going to try to follow along with TechNet here and create host groups. We’re working in VMM which really look alot like any other – SCVMM 2012 – Bare-metal deployment (checklist) – How to Sysprep in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 – Bare Metal Deployment using VMM 2012 on Cisco UCS Server – Adding Physical Computers as Hyper-V Hosts Overview – Creating a Hyper-V Host Cluster Prerequisites – How to Add a PXE Server to VMM – How to Create a Run As Account in VMM – Preparing the Fabric Scenario Overview



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