InfoPath Forms Deployment in SharePoint 2010

So let see what trouble we can get into with InfoPath.

First, one thing you always need is how to create a meaningful file name. So we get our new best friend, SYM, at, to help us here. I wonder if SYM knows PSY? If so I bet he’s got the same game.

So that let’s us name our files with something intelligent instead of Form1.xsn. 

Then he goes on to eliminate the peculiar error when the first form is submitted here.

 Then we have these: InfoPath: Restrict visibility to users in a SharePoint Group.

BizSupportOnline.Net: Auto-numbering InfoPath forms when they are submitted to a SharePoint form library.

BizSupportOnline.Net: InfoPath Q&A: How do I avoid getting NaN when using the max() function? Packaging InfoPath Forms into Site Features. InfoPath – Query Specific SharePoint List .

StuartRoberts.Net: Programatically register InfoPath form for Web Browsing in SharePoint.

StuartRoberts.Net: Deploying InfoPath Form to SharePoint 2010 Site.

TechNet: Manage administrator-approved form templates (SharePoint Server 2010).

YBBest SharePoint Pie: Deploy InfoPath Form as SharePoint Feature in SharePoint 2010.





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