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SharePoint RSS Generator

OK, folks…

This rocks.  You can find your RSS feeds everywhere these days like Yahoo Sports here:

So all you need is that URL and this guy's killer site:

Click Generate and save it to a doc library and then you have in importable web part that will keep you up to date with all that going on in the world of sports.

That is so cool.



Deploy a Site with Doc Libraries with a Default Folder Structure

They want this in 2003.

The boss thinks we have to write some huge blob of XML to build the folders into a doc library and then add that doc library to some default site content XML and then add that site to some available site template XML.

Of course, I just created my doc library with the desired folder structure in a blank site and then saved the site template.  When you go into the site template gallery, you can right click on a template and save it out to your operating system which essentially "exports" it.  And, you know me, I'd keep all my dafault site templates in a doc library on the portal where everyone can get at them.

Oh, and update % Complete to 100.


Well, that was eventful…

So now, I've "moved on" as they say.  No sooner do I get the Active directory thing working using a Data View Web Part in Front Page and a custom query of the profile database than I roll into the bosses office and gave my 2 week notice.


So, the robot tossed his geek badge to the HR guy, dumped his stuff in a box, and walked it out the door.

Lucky for me, I was able to push my start date ahead two weeks at my new digs.  I get an office with a door and a window.  I get a laptop and a monitor for twin screen viewing. I've cut 10 minutes off my commute each way.  I get bi-weekly paychecks.  I can't wear blue jeans anymore except on Friday but I do get the 20% raise.

And, best of all, I get a needy customer.  They've got nearly 1000 users in about 25 offices in a dozen countries.  They've installed SharePoint Portal 2003 and then migrated it to another domain breaking everything but the top level web sites.  They've got another extranet effort underway that's SPS 2003. And, of course, they want 2007 and Office 12 badly.

So it's nice that we'll be working on some real SharePoint solutions and it's nice that I have about 25 things in my task list already.  So, if I have all the HR and Orientation stuff out of the way, like they say on Celebrity Death Match, "Let's Get it On"  Or is that Extreme Elimination Challenge?



An Item with the Same Key has Already been Added.

I saw this post:

I get this error in SharePoint Central Administration trying to remove forms from InfoPath Form Server.

I get it from a command line running stsadm.exe -o removeformtemplate -formid MyformID

Once I get it, I get it anytime I click OK in central admin.

This ends up with the server pretty much a total loss.