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Visual Studio 2010 Team Explorer

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) is the tool of choice for the large scale development shop. We’ve covered the TFS install before but our note are probably obsolete by now with the onset of the VS2010 product line.

So, while we’ll have to wait to revisit the TFS install, we can look at the client side solution now because VS2010 Team Explorer (VSTE) is a free download from Microsoft  available here.  Also, of course, our friends in Redmond provide bulletproof support and guidance for all their products and they provide alot of that help here, and then they provide this installation guide, too.  Bou know how robots like doing things from scratch around here so let’s give it a go.

First, the download is a .iso file and it’s 311 Mb so that will give us enought time for lunch. And since it’s a .iso, we’ll need an ISO mount solution like the one Microsoft let loose in the wild that you can get here.

This is a .zip file with three files, a readme, a .sys driver and a .exe. You run the .exe, point it to the .sys driver and then mount your .iso with a drive letter. Pretty cool, lightweigh and easy.

Once I mount the .iso, I navigate to the mounted drive and find setup.exe and run it. The Setup wizard opens. I leave the Send Information.. option checked and click Next.

I agree to the license tems and click Next.

I accept the default install location and click Install.

Setup starts to run and installs about 10 components including VC9 and 10 Runtimes, .Net 4.0 Fx, the multi-targeting pack, the VS2010 Shell in “integrated mode,” the TFS object model, VSTE2010, SQLServer CLR types, management objects and the help viewer. Check, check, check… check.

Click Finish and I’m done. That was too easy!