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SharePoint 2010 Deployment Options for Developers

Well, this is a good thing. SharePoint 2010 can be installed on your workstation running Windows 7 or Vista. There are a number of requirements outlined on TechNet here.

Our sources tell us that Windows 7 is the preferred option and that the standalone and SQL Express options should be avoided.

And of course, if your programming a beta product, you might as well use a beta development suite so you’ll need Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 which is also offerred as a download even though it’s 2.1Gb or so. You can get that at MSDN here.


SharePoint 2010 Acronyms

Thanks to our friend, Todd, for his timely comment regarding TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms)

As he explains here, we’ll follow his lead and use:

SPF for SharePoint Foundation 2010 as the replacement for WSS

and we’ll use:

SPS for SharePoint Server 2010 as the replacement for MOSS.

Our branding experts will tell us that it’s cool that SharePoint is now it’s own lead product without the need to borrow a “W” for Windows or an “M” for Microsoft just to make a cool acronym.

Also, as Todd points out, we’ll all take some comfort in the fact that SPD and SPW are acronyms of a conveniently similar format.

I have to admit, was never a fan of the FLA, “MOSS” but Microsoft pays it’s own brand managers.


MSF System Requirements

The Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 involves some number of system requirements outlined onTechNet here.

These requirements include 64 bit quad core processors operating at 2.5 Ghz or better and 80 Gb hard drive space.

If you go to you can get this box for around $3K including the licenses for Server 2008 x64 and SQL Server (for workgroups) This would give you the basis for a great showcase environment environment. I bet if you worked it harder, you could save about a quarter of that.

Of note, 64 bit OS is not “optional”. Also, I had to query the Intel website to make sure the processers were quad-core. Most of you gearheads probably know which are and are not QCs. I lost track back when I got my 1Ghz PIII PowerEdge 300 server. Also, since RAM and disk space are cheap (compared to the software) I went with 8Gb RAM, 2x250Gb hard drives and a sweet 23″ flat screen monitor for $154 to bring my total to $3109.

I’ve never filled up a hard drive, have you? In fact, I’ve still got 6 Mb left on the 20Mb hard drive on the amber screen DOS computer out in the workshop.


Well, it's 2010

So we’re looking at the SharePoint 2010 Beta program.

In 2010 terms, WSS is now WSF or “Windows SharePoint Foundation.” Technet is supporting WSF here.

MOSS is now MSS for Microsoft SharePoint Server. There’s a good landing page on TechNet here

Developers will need to start at MSDN here.

Looks like there’s two different flavors of the office server, one for intranets and one for internets.

I guess we’ll look at the internet version first. I’m getting the download here.