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PowerShell at the Document Library Level

Well it’s tough being a robot and always waiting for someone to ask you to do something and then you’ve got to figure out how to do it like yesterday.

Case in point, after we migrated 10,000 documents to the customer’s new SharePoint site they said “Well, all those are published; we need them unpublished.”

And you know how I hate the whole SharePoint version control, check out, publish routine but here we are and our answer is, of course PowerShell.

If you look at first, you’ll not find any specific cmdlets pertaining to libraries or documents. So good thing we have our new best friends to help.

First, here, Salaudeen, gives us a great look at extending the SPWeb object to the folder\library and then manipulate the items in it. Essentially, the routine is:

  1. Get-SPWeb by URL
  2. Set library variable to SPWeb.GetFolderand use the library name.
  3. Set files variable to Library.Files
  4. Call a Files.Add and pass it the library name, the file path\name and an overwrite variable, true or false.

That’s all good but there’s more at CodePlex here and here.

These ought to get you in business pretty quickly.