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MOSS Events in SCOM 2007

Earlier, we installed the WSS and MOSS management pack in our SCOM server.

Now, when we explore the Authoring tree, under Management Pack Objects node, we get a Rules node.  Here we get all the rules that the server can attempt to enforce.  At the top of the Rules window, on the right, there's a Change Scope link that pulls up a dialog box exposing all the potential targets that are associate with the server's management packs.

If we uncheck them all, we can select only:

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 MOSS Server
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Application Installation
  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 WSS Server
  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Application Installation

When we click OK, the Rules window resets to a grid with our four Type headings.  When those headings are expanded, they reveal a number of rules SCOM will attempt to enforce on our MOSS Server.

The server nodes contain rules that include a rule name that is probably unique to SCOM.  But the properties of each rule includes a configuration tab that associates the rule with:

  • An Object
  • A Counter
  • An Instance

These values map back to the counters in the Windows Performance application found under Administrative Tools.

The applicaiton nodes include a rule name and properties that map our to items in the application and system logs that you find in your computer management mmc.

You can override these rules or add your others.