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Local Access to Central Admin

This is peculiar:

When I'm looking at my server's console and I try Start | Programs | Microsoft Office Server | SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration a browser opens pointed to http://MyServer:12345.  I get a log in prompt that says: Log in to MyServer.MyDomain.Local.

No matter what I enter, I am not getting logged in.  I try my setup account which is a domain admin.  I try other domain admins.  I try my DB Access account and all my service account.  After three tries, I end up with "You are not authorized to view this page."

I try reworking the URL to http://MyServer.MyDomain.Local:12345 and I try http://LocalHost:12345 and neither works.

The only thing that works is the IP address with the port number.

When I try the Central Admin site from my desktop, I get the Central Admin site, no sweat.

This seems suboptimal.


Importing a Spreadsheet

We like to think that the transition from list to spreadsheet is almost seamless.  And I've delivered some great solutions that allow users to manipulate spreadsheets on their local hard-drive and then upload the data to a suitable list on the portal.

However, this time, I'm trying to get the spreadsheet import to work.

So I have this spreadsheet with field validation, hidden columns and conditional formatting and I try to point my import browse button to it and I get an error box that says:

Import to Windows SharePoint Services list
Object doesn't support this property or method

When I click OK, I get the spreadsheet and the Import to Windows SharePoint Services list dialog box where I can select a Range of Cells, a Table Range, or a Named Range.

When I select a range of cells, drag my mouse across the desired cells and click Import, after I get prompted for a login, I get this error:

Import to Windows SharePoint Services list
Method 'Post' of object 'IOWSPostData' failed

Turns out this was all my fault because I've installed the SharePoint Designer which is an Office 12 product.

This action created an Office12 Folder under C:program filesmicrosoft office.

The problem is the EXPTOOWS.XLA file and it's accompanying EXPTOOWS.DLL file that live in the Office 121033 folder.  So I renamed these two files by adding a .12 extension to them and I copied the same files out of my

C:program filesmicrosoft officeOffice 111033 folder

and pasted them into my Office 121033 folder

No more problem importing spreadsheets.