What’s an SPRobot

SharePoint Robot is what’s known as an Alter Ego although I dispute the defnintion as a “Double Life” because it’s sometime one of three or more which would make it a triple life or some such other. Also, sometimes, it’s not really much of a life.

In this case, SPRobot is my WordPress user name and is therefore all assigned to all my blog posts.

You can also catch me at a couple of other places with other alter egos, like Twitter, where I’ll perk up if you try @ClickRobot. On Facebook, you’ll have to figure out how to get me on your own; it shouldn’t be hard. I do that for your sake because there’s so much noise out there that I’d hate to overlook something from someone as important as you, a reader.

If you’d must send an email, try Robot@SharePointFromScratch.Com