MOSS 2007 BDC Effort

We’ve seen this work before so, you’d think…

But, so it goes with SharePoint sometimes.

I found this great piece from our new friend Tobias that helps with the Application Definition Designer. Everything goes according to plan until I get to the BDC Web Parts. We’ll cover all this, but, for now, what’s happening is that, in my Business Data Type Picker dialog box, I get: There are no Business Data Types loaded in the Catalog.

Of course, I can look at my BDC and see that’s not true. So I went looking and found Ulysses’ post here and followed along. When he gets to the SSO configuration in Central Admin, I get an error:

Single sign-on cannot be configured from this server. To configure single sign-on, go to the computer running the single sign-on service and specify these settings locally.

Obviously a complication that Ulysses had not anticipated so I went off looking again and found Robert’s MOSSSSOSSxS (I love my job! The last four = “Setup Step by Step”)

His steps are:

  1. Set up the service account; I’ll use my MOSS_DBAccess account.
  2. Create SSO Groups;
  3. Configure the SSO Service in the Windows Services MMC.
  4. Configure SQL Server Permissions.
  5. Configure SSO in Central Admin.
  6. Manage the Encryption Key; huh?
  7. Manage EAD setting; Enterprise Application Definitions.

So, it’s early yet; maybe we can make some progress.




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