SharePoint Community Report

Here’s a couple of  items that you could find interesting:

First, there’s Understanding SharePoint Jounal and their SP 2010 Workflow package. It’s only $14.95 and I’m sure you could tell your boss that the decimal point is a typo and put it down as $1495 on your expense report. Take the week off and hang out at the house and then show up next week as the workflow expert.

The second item is Axceler’s SP 2010 Admin Webinar.  They’ve got a “Top Nine” list that you can use to drive any number of disucussions about your (customer’s) SharePoint operation. In the past, I’ve gotten a big kick out of TopFive.Com’s daily Top Five List and I’ve worked with AIIM.Org on their Top Eight topics so this is a first for me and Top Nines. All the same, If you stick around, I’m sure you’ll find me plagerizing Axceler’s bulletpoints soon.

Next, there’s your Visio stencils for SharePoint diagrams, you know the cool ones with the sites and subsites and all the little lists and library icons. Those you can get here from the

Then there’s this explanation from our new best friend Chakka  on how this cool tool from MSDN works. Of course none of us have ever been frustrated by the difficulties associated with SharePoint Logs so none of us will be interested in this.

Then, our new best friend, Todd, has outlined the SPS 2010 site templates here. This is a great outline of the 2010 resources we’ll need to know going forward.

Finally, there’s our new favorite They Might Be Giants song, My Experimental Film (thanks to Rock 88 WKNC.Org) It’s not really SharePoint but I’ve had some expiremental SharePoint installs in the past that might have developed along similar lines.

Check those out and let us know what you think.




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