You Don’t Have to Do It All By Yourself!

… and the number one reason why SharePoint is fun is:<DING>

The SharePoint Community!!!

And what you find when you pull your little flower off the wall is that if you reach out, you’ll find someone that’s getting rich giving you what you need for FREE!!!

I don’t know how that works but I like FREE.

For example, like Herman Cain said here (at 3:42), Errybuddy Need Toucan Stubbs, everybody that calls themselves a SharePoint Anything knows the number one problem with SharePoint in Production is: <DING>

Unchecked Site Sprawl.

Yes, sites reproduce themselves like rabbits in March and, before you know it, you’ve got more rabbit stuff in more places than anyone can manage. The growth is EXPONENTIAL. If you need a quick lesson in exponential growth, check out this explanation from our favorite mathematician, Vi Hart.

Is that the best description of SharePoint site sprawl ever?

Now, like a robot, I prevent this with one mindless assertion:

Nobody gets permissions to edit permissions but me.

Then, like a robot, I take care of  all permissions.

Of course, no human is capable of that kind of effort. In the human world, what you need is a governance plan and that is where our new best friend, Kate, at InfoTech really steps up. She’ll GIVE us a SharePoint governance plan FOR FREE right here.

They even let you take their logo off it and put your own on it. Boom, just like that, you’re in the SharePoint Governance Business.

Then, they’ll entice you with other free stuff.

Like this vendor selection support,  this cool vendor comparison tool, and these SharePoint DEV\OPS Management resources.

So, since this robot has already covered the install, now, here you have all you need to select, assess, manage, customize and govern your SharePoint empire.

Clearly, the only reason SharePoint talent in such demand is that SharePoint skills are scarce. And the number one reason that SharePoinit skills are scarce is <DING>

People can’t read!

Lucky for me, the same does not apply to robots.

So, learn to read, put on your metal Skullcrusher (2:20) and get in the game. This robot is tired of having to deal with pushy recruiters.



ps. Special thanks to Kate at InfoTech. Keep all that great stuff coming!




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