That was nuts!

So this was me since my last post:

And it’s all been MS Dynamics CRM. And now we’ve done it all and turned it over and we’re off to new things. That makes me one happy robot.

And we look at our first assignment and…

This is nuts…

My SP2010 User Provile Service Application Synch database is over 96 Gigs.

What I have is this from our new best friend, Paul.

He’s got a great description of the problem and a lot better response from MS support than this robot but he tells us what to do, both now and later.

It’s interesting that there’s a supported unsupported stored proc SQL fix he was given by the vendor to temporarily fix the probelm. And as much fun as that would be, by the end of his take, he takes us to the sequel. See what I did there?

The sequel takes us to TechNet where we get the February 2012 update for SP2010. Here, we’re informed that we must already be in SP2010 Service PAck 1 to run the CU.

The 2/12 CU dowload source is here.

Then, we learn that all the SP2010 and SP2013 updates are here.






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