More on Microsoft's Virtual CDROM Player

You people are great.

First, when I needed to make an .ISO file act like a ROM disk drive, I found this that lets me assign it a drive letter.

  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Run the .exe
  4. Select the driver
  5. Start the driver
  6. Pick a  drive letter
  7. Load the ISO


Then, I’m running it on Windows 2008R2 x64 and I get this ugliness:

The driver has been blocked from loading

Now my inner tech writer notices the passive voice that weakens the statement by replacing the real subject (what did the blocking) with the direct object (the driver) but then, I notice the author neglected to use proper punctuation; if we don’t know the rules of punctuation, we’ll never get the benefits of active voice.

All the same, I search google for the error message and find this page from our new best friend, Lou. In his blog, A Thump to the Brain, he explains that the tool works in WinXP Compatibility mode, whatever that is.

Right click on the .exe and select the compatability tab. Check the Run this Program option, select WinXP SP2 and click OK.

Then run the .exe, intstall the driver, start the driver, create the drive letter and mount the .iso.

Very cool and all for free. You guys are great!




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