Complete SharePoint 2010 Farm on Local Machine

When I try to install a complete farm on a local machine with local SQL Server and no domain, I get some ugliness about needing a domain account to install a complete farm.

The good news is that there’s work arounds. There’s a couple of hacks described here described by our new best friend, Michael.

So, since we’re experts at PowerShell, I warm up to that option. But I’m not very comfortable with the details Michael provides so I go looking and find this from our new best friend, Marc. This is really a pretty good step by step of the end to end SPS 2010 install, the kind of thing that an SPFromScracth robot can really appreciate.

So we run:


And then, after we troubleshoot a couple of errors, we also find this from our new best friend, TiPi.

TiPi’s gone to the trouble to address lot of questions alot of us have and he’s actually followed up to get some intelligent answers. Apparenly, the PowerShell command requires a little finesse including:

  • Run the SharePoint PowerShell console as Administrator (requires a right-click.)
  • Use the <Machine Name>\<User Name> format when prompted for your service account credentials.
  • If it errors, go into SQL Server Management Studio and, if it created them, delete the configuration database and the administration content database.
  • Restart the SharePoint PowerShell console if you get an error.

The guy, Paul, that answers TiPi’s questions is right, it might take a few tries and about an hour. But, it really is pretty cool when you go back to the configuration wizard and it finds your new configuraiton db all nice and pretty.

Thanks again you guys!




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